The quantified self is not an name that I came up with, it's the name people use to define themselves in a graphical way. Frederik De Bleser and Lieven Menschaert set up a workshop where they inspire their students to quantifie themselves, and so we did. Me and my friend Yarrut Franken (http://www.yarrutfranken.com/) wanted to compare our movements in Antwerp in the four months between the workshop. With the help of nodebox, an ingenious program that was developed in Sint Lucas Antwerp we created this poster.

For my masterproject I did a research project about Openness. I used the term Openness as a general term for Open Design, Open source, Open hardware, Open production and the sharing economy. In this research project you can view the casemovie check my portfolio and my website. Below you can see some pictures of the prints of the entire project.

Openness — Open whatever you want from Matthijs De Block on Vimeo.

My brother is just starting as a furniture designer and needed a logo and some folders. I gladly made this for him and was inspired by one of his tools to create this minimalistic logo.

We did a workshop with Giorgio Olivieri from todo.to.it. He called it, Pretty Instructions for a drawing automation. The workshop consisted out of making a drawing robot with Arduino. This shot clip shows the atmosphere and the awesome robot.

Pretty instructions for a drawing automation from Matthijs De Block on Vimeo.

Vimeo Film

Today paper newspapers are not populair anymore, certaily not in the US. Our assignment was to choose a old object and rebrand it to make it popular. I chose a newspaper en by using the internet and a interactive tunnel I made a newspaper that was linked with an app. With this app and the tunnel, you could read a personalised paper newspaper. This mixture between internet, interactivity and an old newspaper brings the best of everything together again.

Can you fast forward? It's advertising.
In this work, the filosofy behind it is far more important than the visual identity. As a student in graphic design with a focus on advertising I have made many advertising assigment over the years. I also did a very good intership at Duval Guillaume Antwerp.

In this work I fast forward all my work in advertising while I ask myself what advertising means to the public. No one knows people study four years to get into the business. There are far more genius people in advertising than you would imagine.
But, I ask myself if the goal of advertising is my goal, or if I want to use my ideas for other purposes.

Wilt ge effe doorspoelen? T'is reclame from Matthijs De Block on Vimeo.

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